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The Sphere vase, with a Made in Italy design, is made of white lacquered wood with a transparent vase for flowers inside. It is perfect for any environment, from the most classic to the most modern.

Material: wood matt white lacquered

Dimensions: 33x36 cm

Shipped in 5 / 6 working days.

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Who we are

I Dettagli is an Italian brand, created by the company SD Laser srl, on the market for over ten years, active in the field of home furnishings and objects.

The furnishing accessories of I Details create suggestive atmospheres and elegantly decorate any environment, from the most classic to the most elegant.

The Group

Discover all our realities and let yourself be transported into the world of laser cutting.


What do we do

How do we do it

We decorate the most diversified environments with our products, made using laser technology as a handcrafted art tool. With this avant-garde technology we create exclusive items with an all-Italian design with the use of various materials, from more traditional such as wood, paper, gold leaf, to the more innovative such as methacrylate.

Attention to Details is our trademark. Each product is made and executed with skill with the utmost care, in order to create an optimal product that can satisfy the needs of all customers.


Creativity and experience come together to give shape to our ideas.




1 • Designing and producing accessories and small objects for the design home, safe and respectful of the environment that fully satisfy the most different customer needs.


2 • Guarantee compliance with the quality standards that characterize “Made in Italy


3 • Increase the sensitivity of our suppliers and retailers on the issues of quality, ethics, environment, the protection, health care and safety in the workplace.


4 • Control and reduce the consumption of resources, using clean technology that merge the concept of sustainability, with systems that produce fewer and fewer emissions into the atmosphere.


5 • Use of recyclable raw materials, low environmental impact paints and recyclable cardboard packaging.

Satisfy each customer with the wide range of items in our catalog and with the possibility of working on customized projects with unique creations that adapt to the customer's request.


All our items are the result of the creativity of professionals, from the study of the design to the realization of the finished product.


For this reason buying an iDettagli product is like finding a tailor-made suit that lasts a lifetime.

The whole process of creation, from design to production of each product, passes through innovative conception and development where the study is based on 3 fundamental aspects:


Centrality: the product is at the center of the entire process, everything revolves around it and its development


Refinement: of materials, design and production process that bring innovation to the product various qualities such as quality and durability over time as well as that of exclusivity .


Art-craftsmanship: the entirely Made in Italy production gives the product various strenghts such as quality and durability over time as well as exclusivity.

Now that you know us take a look at our products

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