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The Sphere vase, with a Made in Italy design, is made of white lacquered wood with a transparent vase for flowers inside. It is perfect for any environment, from the most classic to the most modern.

Material: wood matt white lacquered

Dimensions: 33x36 cm

Shipped in 5 / 6 working days.

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These are the General Conditions of Sale of SD Laser srl having its registered office at 22 via Pietro Nenni, 24047 Treviglio, and registered in the REA with the number BG-398865 telephone: +39 0363 304946, e-mail: info @ sdlaser. it; VAT: IT 06903670963 (hereinafter "SD Laser").

SD Laser creates, designs, produces and sells furnishing accessories, home accessories, wedding favors in Italy and around the world with the iDettagli brand (collectively, the "Articles of iDettagli").

In order to best meet the expectations of its customers, in addition to the stores and the distribution network, SD Laser has created a system for the remote sale, via the internet, of a selection of items in detail (hereinafter the "Items") .



Article 1 - Scope of application and acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale

These General Conditions of Sale apply to all distance sales of the Items made:

1) by email through the customer support service set up by SD Laser and described in Article 2.1 of these General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter "Customer Service"), and

2) through the iDettagli website identified by the domain "" (hereinafter the "Site").

The Items are sold to end users natural persons who act for strictly personal purposes not related to any commercial activity, with the exception of all resellers and intermediaries acting on behalf of resellers (hereinafter the "Customer / s" or "You") .

The Customer therefore confirms that he is acting as a consumer and that he does not intend to resell the Items for commercial purposes.

The Customer also declares to have the legal capacity to stipulate these General Conditions of Sale.

Each time the Customer purchases one or more Articles on the Site, he must indicate that he accepts the General Conditions of Sale and the applicable SD Laser Privacy Policy (hereinafter the "Privacy Policy") by clicking on "Proceed". It is possible to view these documents before and at the time of confirmation of the purchase.

SD Laser may update and modify these General Conditions of Sale, and will inform its Customers of such changes via e-mail. The terms that apply to the sale of the Items are those in effect at the time of the conclusion of the sales contract.

For more information on how SD Laser processes personal data collected on the Site and / or by telephone, Customers are invited to read the Privacy Policy.



Article 2 - Information on orders

The Customer can place orders via email or on the Site.


2.1 Orders placed via email with Customer Service

The Customer can place orders for products to be customized via email by writing to from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 17.30.

The order will be transferred directly to the department in charge of preparing the order when the Customer makes the payment using the methods indicated below.

The Customer will be legally bound to any order placed in accordance with the provisions of the law.


2.2 Orders placed through the Site

2.2.1 Selection of Items by Customers

Special orders such as orders for bespoke and personalized items cannot be made through the Site. If the customer wishes to order special items, please send an email to with the request.

On the Site, Customers select, enter and validate the designation and quantity of the Items they wish to order and the Items will be added to their "Cart". Quantities are limited pursuant to Article 4 below.

Online, Customers can freely modify the contents of their Shopping Carts, cancel Articles or modify the quantities ordered, or add other Articles to the Cart by clicking on the appropriate buttons.


2.2.2 Identification

Once the selection has been completed, the Customer can validate the contents of the Cart, alternatively:

· By accessing the Customer's account (hereinafter the "Account"), or

· Continuing as a "guest".

You can also login before selecting any Article.

If the customer already has an account, he must log in using the e-mail address and password.

If the customer does not yet have an account, they can create one by entering their name, address, e-mail address and telephone number when placing the order.

The Account will be operational from the moment it is created.

Once the order has been placed, the Customer will not be able to change his address. If so, it will be necessary to place another order indicating the new address or contact Customer Service at

For more information on how customers' personal data are processed, please consult the Privacy Policy.

The login credentials and password are strictly personal. Therefore, the Customer undertakes to keep them safe and not to disclose them to third parties.

Furthermore, the Customer agrees to immediately inform SD Laser in the event of the loss or theft of their login credentials and / or password or in the event of fraudulent use of the Account.

Within the limits provided for by applicable law, SD Laser cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by fraudulent access to the Account or the Site, or in the event of the Customer being unable to access the Account or the Site.

2.2.3 Validation of orders

The Customer must choose the delivery method and provide all the information necessary for the shipment of the order, in particular:

-          email address;

-          name and surname;

-          fiscal Code;

-          Street address;

-          Postal code;

-          city;

-          telephone number;

-          delivery method;

-          country of dispatch;

-          billing address;

-          payment methods and payment information.

The Customer can use the delivery address as a billing address or enter another one.

Once all this information has been entered and validated, the price of the Items (as defined in Article 5 below), as well as any shipping costs, will be automatically displayed.

The Customer must verify that the selection is correct before confirming the order.

To help its customers identify any errors, SD Laser provides means of technical verification in the form of a standard summary of completeness and plausibility verification (which check if all the required fields have been filled in and if the characters entered are appropriate for the relevant field).

The Customer's order data are then summarized in an email to the address indicated during the order. Any errors must be communicated by email to before the "Order Received" order acceptance email arrives.

By clicking on "Proceed" you place a final order for the Item or Items contained in the Cart.

It will not be possible to place an order unless the Customer has read and accepted these General Conditions of Sale and the Privacy Policy by clicking on "Validate my payment and confirm my order".

2.2.4 Order confirmation by SD Laser

Once the procedure described in article 2.2.3 above has been completed, an order confirmation will be sent to the Customer by e-mail. The Customer agrees to SD Laser's use of the e-mail address for confirming the content of the order. Unless expressly indicated otherwise, the confirmation of receipt of the order does not constitute acceptance of the order.

The sales contract is considered stipulated when the Item or Items ordered is / are shipped and the Customer receives an e-mail confirming shipment of the order from the i Dettagli.

In the case of payment by credit card, the sales contract is finalized when the credit card is charged in accordance with the provisions of Article 6, even if this charge is made before the shipment of the order or before the acceptance is expressed in another way.

In the case of payment via PayPal, as provided for in Article 6.2, the sales contract is finalized when the Customer confirms the order on the PayPal site.

The confirmation of receipt of the order includes the order number, the total amount of the order, information relating to shipping costs, as well as the main characteristics, quantity and price of the purchased Item(s). The confirmation of receipt also includes a link that refers to the General Conditions of Sale.

When the ordered Item(s) is / are sent to the delivery address indicated by the Customer, i Dettagli will send an e-mail confirming the shipment and payment of the price as provided for in Article 5 below. . The sales contract will therefore be considered definitively stipulated.


2.3 Proof of the order

In general, the Customer and i Dettagli expressly acknowledge that the e-mails and automatic registration systems used by Customer Service are legally valid and binding, in particular with respect to the nature and date of the order.

For orders placed through the Site, the Customer is advised to also keep a copy (electronic or paper) of the information relating to the order.



Article 3 - Availability of the Article

I Dettagli reserves the right to modify the Items offered on the Site at any time and without notice. These changes will not affect orders already placed.

Before placing an order, Customer Service (for orders via email) or the information page of the Site containing the description of each Item will indicate:

- whether the Article is available or not;

- if the Article is temporarily unavailable, if it is possible to order it for future delivery within the foreseen time frame.

Where the Customer, despite the efforts of i Dettagli in this regard, orders Items that are no longer available, the Customer will be informed by i Dettagli as soon as possible by any means (telephone or e-mail).

Exceptionally, if an ordered Item is out of stock, i Dettagli will cancel the order and the Customer will not pay anything.



Article 4 - Unacceptable order

Purchases made on the Site or by telephone are intended solely for the personal use of Customers (or for gifts) and not for resale.

I Dettagli may refuse any order that is found to be fraudulent or anomalous.

I Dettagli may also refuse any order (I) placed by a Customer with whom there is a dispute relating to the payment or delivery of a previous order, or (II) that does not comply with these General Conditions of Sale.

If i Dettagli deems that an order does not comply with these General Conditions of Sale, it will notify the Customer directly on the Site, by telephone or by e-mail.

If the Customer fails to rectify any information that is incorrect or contrary to these General Conditions of Sale contained in the order within fourteen (14) calendar days of receiving such notification, i Dettagli may cancel the order and the corresponding payment.



Article 5 - Item Prices - Invoicing

The prices are indicated by Customer Service or shown on the Site in euros (€) and include all taxes, with the exception of shipping costs which are shown separately before placing the order.

The prices invoiced are the prices in effect on the date of the order, provided that the Item (s) ordered is / are available at that time.

I Dettagli reserves the right to change the prices of the Items at any time and without notice, such changes will not apply to orders already placed by the Customer.

The Customer will receive written confirmation of the price paid for each Item and of the shipping costs no later than the time of delivery.



Article 6 - Payment terms

6.1 Payment by Credit Card or Debit Card (valid only for orders placed online)

The customer can pay for their purchases via the internet with a credit or debit card. We accept cards from the Mastercard, Discover, DINERS, Visa, Maestro, Carta Aura, American Express network. Cards issued by banks domiciled outside Italy must be international credit cards.

To use these payment methods at the time of the order made by telephone, the Customer must guarantee i Dettagli that he is the authorized holder of the card used to pay for the order and that the name and surname shown on this card belong to the Customer. It is also necessary for the Customer to provide the card number, expiration date and security code indicated on the card when ordering via a secure website or third party platform that sends a link for payment.

When ordering on the Site, the Customer will access the secure Paypal Checkout server which operates in SSL (128 bit) mode after validating the bank Dettagli.

In this way, the Client's transaction will be carried out in accordance with banking security standards. Authentication is specific to each bank. By providing the credit or debit card number and / or bank Dettagli to i Dettagli via the Site, the Customer accepts without conditions and in advance that i Dettagli can proceed with the transaction also pre-authorizing their bank to proceed with the debit. the account as soon as it has received the relevant documentation from i Dettagli, even in the absence of the receipts signed by the cardholder.

The sales contract is finalized when the Customer's credit card is debited, if the charge occurs before the shipment of the Item / s, or if the Item / s   has / have been expressly accepted in other way.

The foregoing does not apply to orders placed by email.


6.2 Payment via PayPal

Dettagli accepts payment via PayPal for orders via the site and email.

Upon validation of the order, the Customer can choose the Paypal payment option and, in this case, will be automatically redirected to the Paypal platform.

The Customer must then connect to their PayPal account using their login credentials and password. If the Customer does not have a PayPal account, he can create one at the moment. After validating the order with PayPal, the Customer will be redirected to the confirmation page of the Site.

The order will be shipped only following verification of the payment method, receipt of authorization to debit the card or confirmation from PayPal, as well as verification of compliance of the order with these General Conditions of Sale and availability of the Article / I.


6.3 Payment by bank transfer

I Dettagli accepts payment by bank transfer for orders via the site and email.

At the time of order validation for online and email orders, the customer can choose the payment option by bank transfer and, in this case, the bank Dettagli of i Dettagli on which to make the payment will be indicated.

The Customer will then have to make a bank transfer to the coordinates indicated through their bank. Once the payment has been made, the Customer must send a copy of the payment accountant to the email address

The order will be sent only after verification of the payment method, receipt of the bank transfer, as well as verification of compliance of the order with these General Conditions of Sale and availability of the Item / s.


6.4 Payment by cash on delivery

I Dettagli accepts payment by Cash on Delivery for orders via the site and email.

At the time of order validation for online and email orders, the Customer can choose the Cash on Delivery payment option.

A surcharge is applied to this payment method, indicated during the Purchase procedure. Upon receipt of the order by courier, the customer must pay the courier in cash

The order will be delivered only after receiving the total amount of the order.



Article 7 - Delivery

The Articles can be delivered within the territory of the Italian Republic and, if possible, in the rest of the world.

The Customer may also have the gift items delivered to another person within the territory of the Italian Republic or abroad.

After registration of the payment of the order, the Items will be delivered to the delivery address indicated by the Customer at the time of the order. The Customer must undertake to provide i Dettagli with the correct delivery address.

Subject to full payment of the price, the items ordered will be delivered:

- on the date or within the term that i Dettagli indicated to the Customer or, if no term has been indicated, no later than thirty (30) days from the date of the order, unless justified delay; 

- if the Article is temporarily unavailable, within the time period communicated and accepted by the Customer (I) at the time of placing the order or (II) at the time when the Article was added to the Cart on the Site, before acceptance of the order.

Depending on the option selected, Dettagli will ship the ordered Items by express delivery.

SD Laser will cover shipping costs for orders over € 100. Customers are required to pay for the express courier service with delivery receipt unless the cost does not exceed the amount of one hundred euros (€ 100), in which case i Dettagli will cover that cost. The Customer will be informed of the cost of delivery by express courier before the order is validated.

In case of delay in delivery of the Items due to the occurrence of an event beyond the control of i Dettagli, the Customer will be contacted as soon as possible and measures will be taken to mitigate the effects of the delay. Provided that Dettagli has made every effort to reduce the delay, Dettagli will not be liable for the delay caused by the aforementioned event. However, where there is a risk of significant delay and in accordance with the provisions of the Italian Consumer Code, the Customer may contact i Dettagli to withdraw from the contract and obtain a refund for the Items paid for and not yet received.

If the carrier is unable to deliver the package (after 3 failed attempts) and it is returned to the i Dettagli warehouse with the indication "No longer resident at this address", i Dettagli will attempt to contact the Customer twice in the four (4) weeks following receipt of the package in stock. If the Customer does not respond or contact i Dettagli within the aforementioned four (4) weeks, i Dettagli will refund the order and send the Customer a confirmation email to the address provided at the time of the order.



Article 8 - Data protection

For more information on how personal data collected through the Site or by telephone is used, please consult our "Privacy Policy".



Article 9 - Ownership

SD Laser will retain ownership of the Items until (a) the Customer, or (b) the person designated by the Customer does not materially take possession of them.

The Customer will not be able to resell the Items delivered for which SD Laser has ownership, unless the latter agrees to such resale in advance and in writing.



Article 10 - Intellectual Property Rights

The Customer may not, directly or indirectly, reproduce, represent or adapt the Site, in whole or in part, in any form. The intellectual property rights relating to all products or elements of SD Laser (including Items and Dettagli), such as trademarks, illustrations, photos, images, designs and logos, registered or not, are and will remain the exclusive property of SD Laser.

Any total or partial reproduction, download, modification or use of the trademarks, illustrations, images, photos, logos or drawings of Sd Laser, for any reason and on any medium, is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of SD Laser.

Likewise, any use that does not comply with the license to use the Site and, in particular, the use of any component of the Site (articles presented, descriptions, prices, data, software, graphics, images, texts, photographs, tools, etc.) for sale or any other direct or indirect commercial use is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of SD Laser.

For further information, the Customer is requested to consult the Legal Notice.



Article 11 - Right of withdrawal

11.1 Right of withdrawal

Pursuant to articles 52 and following of the Italian Consumer Code, as a consumer the Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within fourteen (14) days without reason.

The withdrawal period ends after fourteen (14) days from the date on which the Customer or the designated third party (other than the carrier) has acquired possession of the last Article.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer must communicate the decision to cancel the purchase clearly indicating their intention, as provided for in Article 12.

To observe the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for the Customer to send the relevant communication before the expiry of the aforementioned deadline.

In accordance with Article 59 of the Italian Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal does not apply to purchases of goods that have been made to measure or that are clearly personalized, nor to sealed goods that the Customer has opened and which cannot be returned for sanitary or hygienic reasons.


11.2 Effects of withdrawal

In the event of withdrawal, SD Laser will reimburse all payments received from the Customer, including shipping costs (with the exception of the additional costs generated by the Customer's choice of a delivery method other than free standard shipping), within a reasonable period and in any case not more than fourteen (14) days from the date on which communication of the Customer's decision to withdraw from the contract is received.

SD Laser will refund using the same payment method used by the Customer for the initial transaction or will issue a discount voucher to be used for subsequent Purchases, unless the Customer has expressly agreed otherwise. Regardless of how the refund is made, the Customer will not be required to bear any costs.

The Customer will only be responsible for the reduction in the value of the Item caused by any manipulation of the Items other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Item.

SD Laser will withdraw the Article at its own expense. For further Dettagli, please see article 13.



Article 12 - Return policy

In addition to the right of withdrawal referred to in Article 11, SD Laser grants the Customer thirty (30) days to cancel the purchase and return the Items purchased on the Site or via email.

However, it will not be possible to return:

- Personalized or made-to-measure items (article 59 of the Italian Consumer Code);

- Items which, after delivery, are inseparably mixed with other items.

In any case, the Customer must return the Item or Items:

- within thirty (30) days of delivery;

- through a written communication via email clearly indicating the Customer's intention to return the Item or Items;

- in their complete original packaging.

Items that are not returned or that are returned incomplete, damaged, unlabeled, altered, dirty or in any other condition that could reasonably suggest they have been used, will not be refunded or exchanged and will be returned to the Customer (where applicable).

Items returned must be in the same original condition without having been used and must have all labels attached and include all related accessories or instruction booklets.

If the Customer returns an Item after the deadline of thirty (30) days from the date of receipt or collection, SD Lasr may refuse the return and return the Item to the Customer.

Furthermore, the recipients of a gift do not have the right of return. Only customers will be able to exercise this right.

The right of withdrawal pursuant to Article 11 is not affected by the voluntary return option. Until the expiry of the withdrawal period referred to in Article 11, only the provisions referred to in that article will apply.


12.1 Policy on voluntary returns through the Site

The Customer can return the Items within thirty (30) days of purchase alternatively:

1. by calling Customer Service to request the return of one or more Items and to agree on a date, time and place for the collection of the Item or Items by courier; or

2. By communicating via email with Customer Service to request a return.

The price paid for the Item (s) returned through the Site will be refunded through the payment method used by the Customer to pay for the order or a discount voucher of the value of the Purchase will be issued to be used for future orders, within a reasonable term and in any case no later than fourteen (14) days from receipt of the Item or Items by SD Laser.

Any additional costs paid by virtue of the Customer's choice of a specific delivery method will not be refunded.



Article 13 - Replacement

In addition to the right of withdrawal and return of the Articles referred to in Articles 11 and 12, the Customer has the right to change his mind and request the replacement of an Article within thirty (30) days, in accordance with the terms provided for in Articles 11 and 12 .

For defective items, please refer to article 14 below.

Within thirty (30) days of receipt of an Item, the Customer may request a replacement.

Personalized or made-to-measure items and altered or damaged items cannot be replaced.

Without prejudice to the rights referred to in Article 12, SD Laser may, in accordance with its replacement policy, refuse to replace more than two (2) subsequent orders.

It is not allowed to make two substitutions for the same order.

Replacements are subject to the availability of the Item or Items on the Site. If an Item is not available, the Customer will receive a refund or a discount voucher as provided for in Article 13.



Article 14 - Rights in case of defective items

In the event that an Article is defective, the provisions of the law will apply, including the legal guarantees. In particular, SD Laser guarantees the Items against any lack of conformity with respect to the sales contract. Pursuant to the law, in case of applicability of the legal guarantee, the Customer will have the right to restore the conformity of the Article without charge by repair or replacement, or, if this is not possible, to a reduction in the purchase price or to the termination of the contract.



Article 15 - After-sales service

In some cases, SD Laser recognizes to its Customers some extended or additional conventional guarantees with respect to those which the Customers are entitled to under the law. In such cases, i Dettagli of the conventional guarantee will be indicated at the time of delivery of the Article / s.

All technically repairable items are eligible for after-sales service.

SD Laser does not guarantee the availability over time of the spare parts necessary for the use of the Items.

However, SD Laser will do its best to satisfy the Customer's request to receive one or more spare parts.



Article 16 - Information relating to Article - Limitation of Liability - Force Majeure

Information relating to all items offered for distance selling is available on the Site and through Customer Service.

The photos, graphics and descriptions of the Items offered for distance selling are for information only and are not binding on i Dettagli. You can get more information by contacting Customer Service. While every effort has been made to ensure that the color and pattern of items photographed on the Site accurately reflect the original Items, variations may occur, particularly due to technical limitations relating to the Customer's computer's ability to display colors. I Dettagli cannot therefore be held responsible for non-substantial errors or inaccuracies in the photographs or graphic representations of the Articles appearing on the Site.

If SD Laser fails to comply with these provisions, it will be liable, within the limits set by law, only for those losses or damages suffered by the Customer which are the foreseeable result of SD Laser's non-fulfillment. Always within the limits established by applicable law, SD Laser will under no circumstances be liable for unpredictable loss or damage. The foreseeable losses or damages are those that appear obvious that they will occur or those that, at the time of the conclusion of the contract, the Customer and SD Laser were aware of the fact that they could have occurred because, for example, they had been the subject of discussion between the Customer and SD Laser during the sales process.



Article 17 - Miscellaneous

If at a given time SD Laser refrains from requesting the fulfillment of any of the provisions of these General Conditions of Sale, such abstention cannot be interpreted as a waiver by SD Laser to assert its rights with respect to the non-fulfillment , be it total or partial, at a later time.

If any of the provisions of these General Conditions of Sale is declared null, in whole or in part, the other provisions of these General Conditions of Sale and the other rights and obligations deriving from them will remain unchanged and will continue to apply.



Article 18 - Promotions and discount codes

The discounts and promotions offered by i Dettagli and present on the site cannot be combined. If the customer buys a product already in promotion, it is not possible to apply any other discount code on the site. Otherwise, you can use promotional coupons to purchase full priced items.



Article 19 - Disputes - Applicable law

These General Conditions of Sale are subject to Italian law, unless otherwise required by Regulation (EC) no. 593/2008 of June 17, 2008 on the law applicable to contractual obligations (Rome I). The aforementioned choice of law has no effect on the Customer's right to the protection provided by the laws applicable in the country of residence regarding consumer protection.

The European Commission operates an online out-of-court dispute resolution platform (ODR platform), accessible at

The e-mail address of i Dettagli is

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